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Management Committee

Our Kindy is a community organisation which means it is owned and managed and loved by its community. The profits are reinvested to benefit the children.

Being on the committee is just one of the ways to be involved in your child’s Kindy experience.

The executive of the management committee consists of the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer . Other positions which involve varying levels of commitment and specific skills also play an important role within the group.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • provides leadership to the management committee
  • liaises with director
  • acts as chairperson at meetings
  • delegates responsibilities
  • ensures that decisions are made and carried through
  • acts as spokesperson to the public

Vice President

  • supports the role of the president and adopts the president’s role in their absence
  • accepts the delegation for special projects as required (e.g. maintenance,
    marketing and promotion)
  • organises publicity promotion through the media and community


  • prepares a written agenda for meetings in consultation with the president
  • records and distributes meeting minutes
  • records all incoming correspondence in a register
  • presents actual correspondence to the meeting and responds to correspondence as agreed by the  management committee
  • maintains official files
  • completes all forms


  • responsible for maintaining financial accounts of the centre including banking, term deposits, fees, budget etc..
  • ensures that all accounts are paid
  • responsible for presenting monthly bills for payment and financial summaries at each monthly meeting
  • together with the committee, develops the budget for the following year

Grants Officer

  • responsible for sourcing, preparing and lodging available grants that Kindy is eligible for

Non-executive positions

Committee Members

  • form part of the management committee and have input into the management of the centre – by attending meetings regularly
  • will be involved in the social, fundraising and maintenance activities
  • may be part of any necessary sub committee


Additional Positions

Fundraising Convenor/s

  • The committee prepares an annual program of fundraising which is presented to the Fundraising Convenor/s who in turn organises and delegates duties for these functions
  • The fundraising convenor/s then prepare a monthly report given to a committee member to be presented at the management committee meeting.

Maintenance Officers – one from each group  (No real “handyman” skills required)

  • is responsible for coordination of the parent maintenance roster
  • liaises with the director on maintenance tasks required
  • should report to the committee regularly

IT Officer

  • responsible for updating Facebook and Webpage

IT Officer

  • responsible for general IT help

Bookclub Convenor

  • responsible for circulating flyers, collating orders, purchasing and distributing orders of books
  • responsible for organising yearly Book Fair
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