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We value children growing up with the understandings, skills and dispositions to be caring people and effective learners, able to contribute to their world and to enjoy rich and successful relationships with others.

In our work with children we:

  • Acknowledge children from birth are active and competent learners.
  • Encourage children’s learning through play by providing for their interests and expanding their knowledge and skills.
  • Create a safe, welcoming and stimulating learning environment to encourage thoughtful play, early literacy, numeracy development, science and the arts.
  • Promote resilience, a sense of belonging, self worth, secure attachments and warm trusting relationships and interactions.
  • Seek to strengthen critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and informed risk-taking.
  • Promote communication and problem solving skills, together with social and cultural learning and awareness, and the capacity to express and acknowledge feelings.

In our partnership with families we:

  • Recognise parents as their child’s first and most influential teachers.
  • Share knowledge and promote confident parenting.
  • Seek to develop and maintain positive relationships based on honesty, trust and respect, two way communication and participation in service decision-making.
  • Respect and value the individual backgrounds and unique culture and customs of families.
  • Build genuine reciprocal relationships with families that are strengthened and sustained over time.

In our role as a community of learners we:

  • Create positive environments that foster reciprocal learning between children, families and staff.
  • Advocate for children and families, and promote sharing of information and expertise.
  • Reflect on our practice, commit to continuous quality improvement, and support each other’s ongoing professional and personal development.

In our relationship with the community we:

  • Connect children and families with each other and local child and family support services.
  • Share our knowledge and expertise with others.
  • Inform and influence government decision-making.
  • Promote the value and contribution of our services within the broader community.

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